Exphasis on the video 3 Women, by Bill Viola

a bloodless mother and two daughters talk wordlessly,

their hands joining,

agreeing to amble forward.

Their presence is ethereal and familiar.

Each foot stables the others’.

Water begins to seep out of the screen,

pressure blistering as they near,

increasing authenticity.

The mother lets go of her babies’ hands,

advancing into the world of pigment.

She wipes her head of wetness,

so she can see and breath lucidly,

taking her eldest’s hand to join her.

The sister reaches into the blackness for the little one

and she emerges with playfulness in her eyes.

The little one looks relieved.

As she wipes the water from her eyes,

her mother backs into a lifeless form again.

The eldest acquiesces

It pains to see the littlest alone in this world.

As eldest keeps a sternness to her,

she reaches into the incarnate for her sister.

The littlest takes a closing look at the beauty in this realm.

In her summoned world:

Her dreams do not include her,

Her movement does not involve her;

she rushes like the moon in the daylight.



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