Gold (Ekphrasis)


Something has wrestled you from the Factory

A bite of marzipan between the asscheeks of leatherdaddies

Family tree with no brothers, no sisters

Your spotlight reflects back at my rags

A red cross carved from linens fell to essence, emitted from an angelic visage

Patriarch, Matriarch, Son of a bitch

I’ blind, stumbling backwards like a staggering drunk

Quarantined to leather shared with strangers

It’s campy you know, how your listed

As if anyone had any doubt, who…

I’ve got a little breath now

Tunneled vision leads me back again and again

Now the guards wear dark glasses and speak softly

Your spiked vein trickles vinegar-scented chloroform

Each time I lean forward to try and catch a drop in my mouth

Each time it evaporates

Each time it evaporates just as quickly as it politely sees itself out, hat tipped, coat in arms

We poured out of the same iron snare

I craned my neck to break the embryo just as you did

Siblings by virtue of situation we could have, should have

Been shat out of the doggedly sedated slit of doppelgangers

Twice now I’ve felt this humbling presence

Without hesitation, I’ll promise to never look for another similarity



La Difference assignment product. Stipulations were that minimal editing was to be utilized and the use of viewfinders was forbidden. Video with a commentary track by myself.


The short documentary I made about a couple of my fellow travelers. Topics range from wallets and childhood friends to forgiving and neighbors. In the end though, it all ties into why they create art.